Young  Pheasants

Dear Parents & Young Pheasants


I am delighted to announce that we are now able to re-open our club’s cricket nets, in accordance with the English Cricket Board’s (ECB’s) latest guidelines.


We will be open from Monday 18th May and initially available to 2019 and 2020 members. This is subject regular review depending on demand.


These include a number of conditions which will be outlined below and must be strictly followed by all users. Please read the following details carefully.


I have also attached an ECB flyer detailing rules for all club nets.


In an effort to spread the use of the nets fairly across all sectors of the club, every day will be divided up into sections to allow club’s senior members to train, colts members to train, and club coaches to deliver 1:1 sessions.


  • Timetable
  • Fair usage/booking
  • Charges
  • Usage rules (IMPORTANT!)
  • Booking link
  • Coach’s details


The timetable of usage across ALL days of the week, will be as follows:-


08:00-11:00 – Reserved from Club Coaches 1:1


11:00-13:00 – Senior members nets


13:00-15:00 – Reserved for Club Coaches 1:1


15:00-18:00 – Colts Members Nets


18:00-20:00 – Senior members nets



We are only able to have two nets running concurrently.


There will 6 slots available per day, two at each slot of 3pm, 4pm & 5pm, giving the potential for 12 members to take part in training every day of the week.


All bookers are asked to please limit their bookings to NO MORE THAN TWO sessions over a seven-day period (MON-SUN) to ensure fair usage all those who wish to play. This may be revised (up or down) when we have a clear picture of demand for net usage.


Prefer coaching?? Contact details of our professional club coaches are at the bottom of this message. Book your sessions with them directly, rather than through the booking system below.



For colts to train at their leisure between 3pm & 6pm, each net is bookable for a 50-minute session, starting at the top of the hour at the following link found at the base of the rules below…



Charges – please read carefully…


As you can imagine, a large amount of resources have gone into making opening our nets again, so the following charges are applicable.


  • All Colts who have payed a subscription fee for this summer or for the full 2020 season (winter+summer) will not be charged for bookings.
  • All members from 2019, or Winter 2020 who do not have an up-to-date sub, are invited to pay a “Net-only” subscription of £60.00. This will be valid for the rest of this calendar year. In the event of a cricket season being playable later in the summer, this will be deducted from any applicable full subscription. Please let me know if you wish to take up this option.
  • Anyone not wishing to pay this net sub, will be required to pay £10.00 per session. They will be invoiced from the club directly shortly after the completion of your session and be required to pay via BACS transfer. This scheme is also currently only open to 2019 members or winter winter 2020 members. This may change depending on demand.






These rules are not for negotiation or your own interpretation. These are all for the benefit of our cricket club.



  • The cricket nets are to be booked on line, with NO turn-up-and-play option. Anyone turning up without a booking will not be admitted to the nets.


  • All 3pm-6pm periods will be monitored by a member of club staff who will possess details of all bookings made for that day. They have the right to refuse entry or to any person on site not following guidelines.


  • Parents remain responsible for their children for the duration of their session.


  • Players will be expected to leave the nets 10 minutes before the end of their slot (in line with ECB regulations) ie. after 50 minutes.


  • Players must bring their own cricket kit (including balls) please bring hand sanitiser


  • One-to-One Cricket Net sessions are only allowed. No more than two people to a net at any one time. Parent + Colt / Colt + Sibling / Colt + friendNO EXCEPTIONS


  • Players will be expected to maintain 2m distancing to anyone not from their own household whether on the same or adjacent nets


  • Each player to have own set of marked cricket balls, which will only be handled by him/her


  • There will be no access to, or any use of the cricket field 


  • Unfortunately we are not able to offer changing rooms or toilet facilities. Please arrive dressed and ready for your session.


  • Coaching will resume on a one to one basis with the Barnes Cricket Club Coaches.


  • Members only will be permitted except for coaching sessions with the Club Coaches. No spectators will be allowed other than a parent/carer of any junior being coached or training


  • All rules, conditions and timeframes subject to review by the cricket club committee at any time



Check availability for “COLTS MEMBER NET 1” & “COLTS MEMBER NET 2”

Please do not try to book SENIOR or COACH nets as these will be cancelled.

Thanks very much.



Club Coach Details

Laurie Cadle   –     07961059687 – [email protected] 

Ian Butcher    –     07751261701 – [email protected] 

Jamie Benfield – 07904503988 – [email protected] 

Damon Wilson  – 07813036066 – [email protected] 

Read about our coaches here on our 2020 Coaching Team page.


For anyone with queries, I am only on the other end of the phone happy to chat over any worries.



All the best and enjoy your cricket!



Laurie Cadle

Head of Colts Cricket 

Barnes Cricket Club

261 Lonsdale Rd, London SW13 9QL

[email protected]  Tel: 07961059687



Dear Parents & Young Pheasants 

We hope we find you all safe and well in these strange times. 

We’ve now reached what would have been the second week of our scheduled Colts cricket season. We are so sorry that we, and every other cricket club has been left with no choice but to delay our season. 

Please see a number of updates below regarding the next few months


–       Covid-19 delays on recreational cricket as directed by the ECB

–       Payed fees/subscriptions

–       Barnes CC plans for returning to cricket


Season delays

As we announced a month or so ago, recreational cricket remains suspended upon the recommendation of the England & Wales Cricket Board.

For this reason, until further notice, we are unable to begin club activities, or open our club’s cricket nets for your own training pleasure or for private coaching sessions. 

As soon as this changes, we will announce it instantaneously both on our mailing list and on this website.

The ECB are meeting with government and medical advisors this week in an effort to acquire some clarity for the wider cricketing community.


Paid Subscriptions and Fees

Those who have paid either subscription fees for the summer term or fees for the postponed Easter camp are able to use these fees as credit for any future programme with Barnes CC.

Anyone requiring their fees to be refunded, please let me know and this can be processed for you.

I must also remind you that the social use of our club nets (when they re-open) is for members only, ie. those who have an up-to-date subscription paid.



The professional game is currently pushed back until the 1st July at the earliest, as is the Barnes CC senior league season.

We must currently assume that Colts cricket will follow the same timescale, although there may be scope for the ECB to allow Colts Cricket in accordance with what schools are scheduling.

We remain in hope that we can at least begin training in some capacity before this date comes around. If these hopes come to fruition, we will of course let you know.


What happens when we do start?

There are a number of scenarios that we may find ourselves being able to take part in during the second half of the summer.


–       A rescheduled league season

There is a chance that the colts leagues could be rescheduled for later in the summer, possibly in some reduced capacity. We are constantly in conference with league organisers along with other clubs to ensure that the maximum amount of cricket can be played.


–       Age group coaching

If given the go-ahead to play cricket in July, we will schedule coaching for each age group, whether we play league cricket or not.

If schools re-open, we will aim to run some evening coaching much in the normal fashion for year 5 upwards, and weekend coaching for our younger members (years 1-4).

If schools do not re-open, there may be some scope to run day-time coaching sessions to work in conjunction with home schooling schedules. Maybe you could do your weekly PE with us…??


–       Festivals and friendly matches

If no league cricket is played but matches are allowed, we will endeavour to organise friendly fixtures and one-day festivals for all the teams in. 

Ideas include 8-a-side pairs festivals, twenty20 round-robin tournaments and a Hundred Ball festival to embrace the ECB’s brand new franchise tournament format.


–       Cricket camps

Where government directives allow, we will be organising a number of cricket camps; more than our usual two summer camps. We’d hope that these would go some way to making up for the considerable amount of cricket lost in the early weeks of the summer. Full scheduling of these are naturally to be confirmed.

With so much unknown surrounding the season, please keep a close eye on your mailbox and our website to keep up to speed with the latest developments.


If you have any questions, queries, thoughts, worries or simply just want to talk cricket, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or drop me a mail.


All the very best to you and your families and we hope to see you all very soon.


Laurie Cadle

Head of Colts Cricket

[email protected]